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Whole Egg powder
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Добавлено: 7 октября 2021, 19:28

Whole Egg powder

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Amir Dina
,  Белград, RS
на Флагма с 2 мая 2021


We offer Whole Egg Powder which is suitable for baked products, ready meals, meat products.

Consists of 100% egg powder. The advantages of the product includes its texture and emulsifying properties. One more advantage is storage conditions and handling .

100 gr of powder to mix in 300 ml of water what equal to 400 ml of fresh egg (approx 8 fresh eggs). Wholesale. Delivery all over the world.

Keep in dry and ventilated area .
At 2C' min 24 months .
At 20C' min 12 months.

Blue polybag in carton box or paper bag , 20 kg. Energy approx 2400 kj or 560 kcal.

Contacts + 77074727168 whatsapp, viber.

Номер объявления: 1720544
,  Белград, RS
на Флагма с 2 мая 2021

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